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Letter from our MP - help or be helped if you are affected by Corona virus

(March 23, 2020)





20th March 2020


Dear Resident,

Coronavirus represents a very significant public health challenge that requires all of us as a community to pull together. I am working as your MP with a range of local community organisations to try to make sure we work together effectively.


If you are in need of assistance, please email me on [email protected] and I will liaise with Shropshire Council to put you in touch with the help you need.


If you would like to volunteer to help, there is a form which you can complete on my website at


We will share your details with local organisations looking for volunteers. Your details will not be used for any other purpose.


There are tough months ahead, but we know that this virus can be beaten. The Government has pledged to do all it can to win this fight, and any support which you can offer will be invaluable.

Yours faithfully,


The Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP

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