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Local representatives get behind the A41 safety campaign

(September 27, 2019)

North Shropshire A41 Safety Campaign


According to Shropshire Council, there have been 200 accidents and 300 casualties, of which 10 have been fatal, on the A41 between Whitchurch and Hinstock in the last 10 years. Increasing congestion and heavy traffic on the road is disproportionately affecting local people living either side of it. 

In response, I recently convened local Parish Councils and we agreed to set up the North Shropshire A41 Safety Campaign. We will work for improvements in the short term at the most dangerous spots and dualling in the long term. Representatives from these Councils will collect data on accidents and their impact on people’s lives; it would be very helpful if all incidents are logged so that we can build up a full picture prior to our next meeting in December.

The Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP

Member of Parliament for North Shropshire 

Shropshire Councillor for Childs Ercall – Rob Gittins

Although we have some evidence from Shropshire Council in regards to the number of accidents on the A41, there is a delay in this data coming through to the council and we certainly believe that those figures are far, far higher. It takes a good 12 to 18 months for the police to tell Shropshire Council about accidents, so the data is always a year behind. We're on a mass evidence collection programme; we want to hear from anyone and everyone in regards to this ever increasing dangerous road. Have you witnessed accidents, bumps and near misses? Does it take you 10 minutes to turn out onto the A41? 

Councillor Rob Gittins

Childs Ercall Parish Council 

 We recently attended the first meeting of the Safety Campaign group and we would like Parishioners to provide details of any concerns (accidents/near misses/congestion/delayed access onto the road) that they have when using the road or noted congestion on side roads as a result an incident on the A41.   

Please can you provide these details to the Clerk, Anne Wilson, via her email address below or notify us during our monthly Parish Council meetings.

Anne Wilson ([email protected])

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