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Playground update

(August 08, 2019)

Here is the latest news from the Playground Committee after the meeting at Childs Ercall Club earlier this month. 

The meeting was really well attended with more than 90 people dropping in and making their views known. More than 30 people filled in preference forms, so there is a real steer as to what is wanted on the new playground. The Committee is looking at this feedback and drawing up plans accordingly. 

Following comments at the meeting the Playground Committee asked for advice from the Crime Prevention Officer from West Mercia Constabulary. The Officer has advised that the safest location for the new playground is near the Jubilee Hall, convenient to the car park so parents from outside the village can get their children there safely, but not too near the road. He recommended that there should be a CCTV facility covering the playground, but not affecting properties on the other side of the playing field. 

The Playground Committee will be putting in a planning application based on this advice and will keep everyone up to date with progress. 


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