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Does Childs Ercall have the best quiz brains in Shropshire?

(April 04, 2017)

The Community Association thinks there is a good chance that we have: can you help us win the trophy to prove it?

Each year the Rural Communities Council runs a competition across Shropshire for Village Hall quiz teams. Childs Ercall has never entered, but the Community Association hopes that joining in would publicise the hall and could boost our income from hirers. We would really like to raise a team to have a go, but need some keen quizzers to help out. Anyone who has some sort of link to the Village Hall can be part of the Childs Ercall team – would you be interested?

At the moment there are entries from 38 halls within the historic boundaries of Shropshire. These are divided into four sections to cut the amount of travelling involved, so each team of four enters seven quiz competitions between October 2017 and April 2018, culminating in a grand final. Provided we have more than four representatives the load can be shared so that no one needs to do all the quizzes – unless of course you really want to.

Full details are on the Jubilee Hall page. If you are interested in being part of a Childs Ercall team please contact Jane James on 01952 840227 or email [email protected]

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