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does anyone have info on laws regarding public footpaths in particular, access- electric fences, cattle, crops etc....

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  1. jane

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  2. rosie

    many thanks for the info on footpaths i think many of the land owners and farmers need to read this too !! on every walk i attempt from the village i always seem to encounter either an electric fence, a field full of young bulls,broken stiles, locked gates, crops etc. etc. etc. grrrrrr .....

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  3. Tin

    Footpath minimum width 1m, Bridleway minimum width 2m, No obstructions, No crops other than grass, You are allowed to trample any crop in place but not damage anything else, No locked gates, No electric fences, No barbed wire, No diversions, No dairy bulls over 10 months old at all, No other breeds of bulls unless with females. Shropshire Council definitive map of footpaths -

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