About Childs Ercall


Records show that Childs Ercall Parish is mentioned in the Domesday Book in 1086. There are many old houses in the Parish including Childs Ercall Hall in the village itself. In WW2 there were two airfields in the Parish and some of the buildings and runways can still be seen. You may have seen one of the old control towers being converted to a house on the television programme 'Grand Designs'

Childs Ercall's village hall, the Jubilee Hall, was first built to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. It is next to our large playing field with a superb childrens play area as well as a football pitch and lots of green space and is available to hire.

We have our own licensed club, with adjacent Bowling Green. The club is part of the village's history and was originally established as a working men's club for farm workers. Nowadays it is open to all and provides a welcoming atmosphere with a bar, function room and lovely outdoor seating area.

So why the mermaid and the elephant? The elephant is the badge of the Clive family, who at one time owned much of the land in the area. As for the mermaid: well....

According to the Shropshire History website two men were going to work one morning and as they passed the pool at Child’s Ercall they saw a mermaid in the water. They were very frightened but the mermaid spoke to them and her voice was so sweet and pleasant that they fell in love with her. She told them that there was a treasure hidden at the bottom of the pond and she would give them as much as they liked if they would come to her in the water and take it out of her hands. So they went in, although it was almost up to their chins, and she dived into the water and brought up a lump of gold almost as big as a man s head. As the men were just going to take it, one of them swore and said “If this isn't a bit of luck”. At once, the mermaid gave a scream and dived down into the pond. They never saw her or the gold again.