Welcome to the website for our parish and village of Childs Ercall, which aims to help keep you in touch with happenings in and around the Parish. 

You can find out more about us here, including why a mermaid and an elephant are part of Childs Ercall's history. There is more to see on our FaceBook page

Latest: Notice of Local Elections: here are the official notices of the local elections to be held on 6 May. These elections are to choose two types of representatives: a councillor for Shropshire Council, the unitary authority we come under, and eight councillors for Childs Ercall Parish Council. We are in the Cheswardine division of Shropshire Council, our current Councillor is Rob Gittens. Details of our current Parish Councillors are on the relevant page of this website. If you would like to stand in either election, all the details you will need are in the notices: just click on the relevant link.   

Please click on the bar at the bottom of the page to report any traffic incidents on the A41. This information will be used to support campaigning efforts to help all of us by getting better safety measures on this busy trunk road.